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What to bring?

Hiking in the mountains in Norway demands preparations and that you bring what you need for the day. We don't want to run empty - not possible to survive on the few cloudberries we find, unfortunately. And good shoes and protection against the wind are vital.

Packing list - what to bring

The items marked * below are mandatory to bring for your hike. 

Mountain shoes or boots*

Sturdy boots or shoes with Goretex or other waterproofing, soles with grip. We have boots/shoes available to borrow in some sizes (not all). If you are not used to walking on paths and uneven ground, a pair of walking sticks is recommended. We have a few that you can borrow

Woolen socks

We recommend using woollen socks in your shoes/boots. Sports socks might work. No cotton! Remember to protect heels and toes prone to blisters with tape or Compeed. A good tip is to use a nylon stocking as a layer between your foot and the sock.

Windproof outer layer*

You need to have pants and a jacket that is windproof and can take a bit of rain as well. The weather is unpredictable and can turn less than pleasant, particularly in the mountains.

Comfortable inner layer*

Depending on the day and temperature, wear something comfortable as an inner layer. It can be wool (preferably, yes, even in the summer) or something made for exercise. Cotton is not recommended. We will get sweaty, and the cotton will make you cold. Bring extra inner layer clothes to change into if needed.


Take a look at any Norwegian out hiking - they have a backpack. In the backpack, they carry extra clothes, food, water, their camera, their phone and any other thing that we might need during the hike. You should have one too.

Food and water*

Make sure to bring lunch and water. Perhaps a thermos of coffee or other warm drink. You might also want to bring some chocolate or snacks. We can normally replenish the water from mountain streams as we go, but you will need a bottle. You may order a pre-packed lunch that we can make for you at an additional cost.

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