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Get the Hardanger experience on a day trip from Bergen.

Spend 14 hours visiting the most beautiful part of Norway.



  • Get on the bus from Bergen 07:25, route 925.

  • Arrive in Norheimsund 08:50

  • Boat departs from Norheimsund 09:00

  • Arrive in Herand 09:23

  • Meet your guide Sidsel for a tailor made hike in the Herand area – see below for suggestions.

  • Pizza at Meieriet between 15.00 and departure

  • Departure Herand 17:52

  • Arrive in Norheimsund 18:15

  • Corresponding bus to Bergen 18:59, route 925.

  • Arrive in Bergen 20:25


Cost per adult: From Nok 1750,-

Children under 18: From Nok 850,-


Agreement for participation in any activity is at your own risk must be signed before we go on the hike. Sturdy walking shoes can be borrowed from Destination Herand AS.


Tour 1 - EASY

Herand Rundt

Not up for a grand hike? It is perfectly OK; we can take a leisurely stroll and see all of Herand's sights. Starting from our house, we look at the old Viking boat house ruins before exploring our very own General shop museum. We walk on to the Boatbuilder Museum and then to the Cultural Historical Center at the old school. We look at the ancient stone paintings before we check if we can have a break and a coffee at Vassel or have a picnic where we enjoy a light lunch. We walk through the lush forest that makes up part of the legendary cultural path, ending at the waterfall with the old sawmill. We end up with a late lunch at Meieriet Restaurant. 



Tour 2 – MEDIUM (Additional NOK 150 per adult for transportation)

Samlen Rundt

This hike is a secret. It is unmarked and not used by many, as the path travels literally over the doorstep to the various old farms and homes along the way. We enjoy a light lunch at a special viewpoint. We start from Herand either by car or boat and walk back to Herand. We can also be picked up at Hardanger Art Gallery. The path takes us through the most amazing cultural landscapes going back in time to slower times when we rowed or walked where we needed to go. We end up with a late lunch at Meieriet Restaurant.




Tour 3 – MEDIUM (Additional NOK 200 per adult for transportation)

Mountain farms

A not-so-hard hike where we go by car up into the mountain area and follow unmarked and marked paths to visit Sjusete, Eggjasete, Vatnasete and Fodnastøl. We will see beautiful lakes, views and the old farms that now are used as "hytte" for local families. We will meet sheep, perhaps some cows and probably find cloudberries and blueberries. We stop for a picnic where we enjoy a light lunch. This is a great hike for kids! We end up with a late lunch at Meieriet Restaurant.


Tour 4 – HARD (Additional NOK 100 per adult for transportation)


To get to Haugsvarden, we start at the special and scenic lay-by and picnic stop at Herreiane. Most of the hike up is on bare hard rock, but it is surprisingly easy to walk on. The view is magnificent all the way up, before we pass through a marshy area with some special pools shaped by the folding in the mountain before we reach the summit with a great view of Herand and where we enjoy a light lunch. We walk back to the village through the old path and pastures. We end up with a late lunch at Meieriet Restaurant. This hike cannot be done in rainy weather.









Tour 5 – HARD (Additional NOK 200 per adult for transportation)

Mount Samlen

The view from Mount Samlen is spectacular. It is a hard and steep hike through rocky boulders and forest, marches and rock, but on the top, after about 1hr 30 min (depending on shape and experience in walking), all will be worth it. We enjoy the view and listen to see if we can hear the raven's “Kah” on top. After taking a lot of pictures and eating a light lunch, we go back down, where we are picked up and driven back to Herand. We end up with a late lunch at Meieriet Restaurant.




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