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This Is Our Story


We will always start our trips from Herand. Herand is a small village in Hardanger with a pizza restaurant, shop, several B&Bs and rooms to rent and many small and big attractions in the village proper. We are host to a general store museum next door to a Viking ship boathouse ruin. There is a boat builder museum, a historic cultural center, petroglyphs (stone paintings), a cultural path and much more. One possibility is to do a guided tour to visit these sights. (in Norwegian)

I first arrived in Herand in the early summer of 1998. From the very beginning, we went exploring - the beautiful and very accessible Samlen Mountain was the first (see the view in the below picture), but after that, we were all over the area  - both the paths and trails that are marked with the characteristic red T's and the unmarked paths. Abandoned small farms, farmsteads turned holiday homes, mountain tops and farms, hidden lakes, waterfalls and breathtaking views. 

Sidsel is in her 50s and loves to hike and share stories and information about the surroundings or any other questions you may have. She will be your primary guide.
Geir is in his 60s and will help with practical things, be your guide for biking and control the back of the group if we are more than 6 people.

We can also take you out biking and kayaking, but we will need some time to prepare as we need to rent bikes and kayaks from other local providers. 

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