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Destination Herand

Experience Hardanger and the Herand area like a local

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We know where to go and how to get there - join us in enhancing your visit to this most beautiful spot in Norway.

This Is Our Story

"I have a house in Hardanger", my future husband told me during our first date back in 1997. I had no idea what that meant. I pictured the semi-modern mass-produced houses from the 70'ties that I had seen when visiting Hardanger in 1984 with my parents. The house was a 70'ties house, all right. From 1870! Initially built as a family home for the local shop owner, it has the old shop building, a boat house, a pier and the old house.

Since the summer of 1998, I have spent every summer in that house in the beautiful village of Herand. My husband has spent all his summers here since birth. We have walked every path, marked and unmarked, and found hidden gems, cloudberries, chanterelles, caves and bridges. And the ever-present and amazing views you see just by opening your eyes from every vantage point.

Now it is your turn! Join us for a tailor-made hike specially made for you and your party - big or small, trained or untrained - we can find the perfect day out for you.

What Makes Us Special


Local Expert Guides

We know the area extremely well - both in the area around Herand, but also for round-trips in Hardanger by the fjord cruise where we visit Ulvik, or a longer hike over the mountains by the old "Bufervegen". 

If you want to hunt for blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or cloudberries (if in season), I can show you where to find them.


Handpicked Adventures

We tailor your experience to your wishes,  needs and experience level. 

Many hikes depend on the weather, which is not always the best in our area, even in the summer, but we can always find solutions to give you the perfect Hardanger experience.

In addition to hiking, we can also offer to guide on bike or by kayak.


Hidden Gem Destinations

Would you like to visit an old, abandoned farmstead or get a feel for how people lived 100 years ago? I know just the path.

Perhaps walk between mountain farms, munch on some blueberries or cloudberries, pet some sheep and take in the fresh mountain air?

Is Trolltunga, Oksen or Dronningstien a bit too much?  

I have just the hike for you!


I have a story to tell but it would be way too long, I will do my best to keep it short.

In 2011 my dearest friend Sidsel invited me to spend one month in Hardanger.

At first I felt very intimidated but quickly it became apparent that she would be considerate so we started with a hike called the Seven Gates.

From the first day I realized that hiking with my friend I received more than I seeked.

I witness beauty in every step of the way.

There was no such thing as a bad day, no life struggles - all that disappeared.

To walk somewhere quiet, WIFI turned off is dream hiking on ancient paths.

We picked cloudberries & chanterelles.  

Sidsel's knowledge was beyond expectations, mind blowing with a wealth of information.

I have such fond memories of walking in the village for our daily supplies.  Herand is special and the folks even more so.

The best view came on our last day on the summit using ropes.  We did not race but we beat the clock!  I felt so proud, renewed, exhilarated. 

Geir, Sidsel's husband, is a gentleman who puts more into the world in his quiet ways.

Sidsel's son, there is no word of endearment to describe Jakob.  He's everyone's friend from the minute you meet him.

As I sit here writing this I am reliving some of the best days of my life which is saying so much as I have travelled over 100 countries so far.

Ida Côté-Persson

I cannot think of anyone better to be a guide than Sidsel! We went all through Oslo with Sidsel for an exciting tour including the Viking Ship Museum, City Hall, the Kon Tiki museum and Fram Museum. Afterwards, we took a trip up to Holmekollen and Korketrekkeren. It was fantastic in every way! Sidsel brings Norway to life in a very special way- with not only the history of places and people but also the important cultural aspects. Her rich understanding of the surrounding environments really opened our eyes and created a magical experience. We are returning to Norway in the summer and look forward to exploring Herand with her and Geir! I highly recommend Sidsel as the most wonderful guide you will find and am sure that you will have a wonderful time and come away with fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.

Matthew Hiller
President and Founder- TrekSecure

 My week at Destination Herand was exceptionally beyond expectations.  The beauty, culture, history, variety of the area and Jakobstova, restored historic buildings in such a serene location were great for soul and spirit.  Plus Sidsel is the best hostess, guide, historian and companion –there was no question or request left unanswered.

Jennifer Vessels, CEO Next Step from San Francisco, CA.

Photo: Jennifer Vessels Guide by waterfront in Hardanger Herand Samlen
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Our Services

Who are we?

We are Sidsel and Geir

We are Sidsel and Geir Storaas, and we live in Herand during the summer months. We would love to show you around and share our hidden gems in and around the village.


“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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Herandsvegen 272, 5628 Herand

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